Free Music and Soundscapes

Free and royalty free collection of seamless, retro-style music loops made for games and other media. MuLab project templates included.

Project Folder:

All compositions in this collection were:
- initially composed using
- mixed and mastered in the free version of MuLab.

- Totally free and thus royalty-free.
- The project folder contains a MuLab project file and rendered wave file for each loop.
- Rendered wave files are made for looped playback.

- Made with MuLab free version, totally free to use.
- Only native MuLab and free plugins/synths are used.
- Can be used as templates for creating similar loops using different compositions. Just drag and drop MIDI files over existing tracks.
- The project files are relatively simple, well arranged and can be used to help learn the MuLab workflow.

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