Unwind in a roomful of clock ticks and melodic percussion clicking away with "Clockwork". A metronome sets the pace at a tick per second (80bpm) while arpeggios of tuned percussive sounds bounce around the cluttered space of clock parts.

All native MuLab sounds, no external plugins/gear needed.

Template contents:
- Metronome with Arpeggiator playing Chords as percussion
- Fantasy Bell with Arpeggiator playing arpeggio Chords in the background
- Glockenspiel with Arpeggiator for combined Melody with Melodic Part
- Glockenspiel with Arpeggiator playing combined Melodic Part and Bass
- TF Lowpass filter, Tight Room Reverb, Compressor and Spectrum Analyzer on Master channel

MuLab project file: Clockwork.MuProject

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