Comfortable Haze

A smooth, 100bpm groove of jazz chords played through a Wurlitzer and B3 with syncopated bass and drums all routed through Bit Reducers for a subtle touch of soft noise.

Made using only native sounds in MuLab free version.

Template contents:
- Rock Kit with Tight Room reverb on Drums (bass drum is also heavily filtered)
- Wurly with Amp Sim 30 and Crusher for Chords with short Accompaniment part
- B3 with Arpeggiator, Bit Reducer and Tight Room reverb on Melody
- Bass 305 with Tight Room reverb for combined Bass and Melody
- Bit Reducer, Level Compressor and Spectrum Analyzer on Master channel

MuLab project file: Comfortable Haze.MuProject

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