Dungeons of Sid

"Dungeons of Sid" is an old-school, chiptune in the style of classic C64 tunes. It's made with the free and open-source VSTSID with two tracks acting as tuned percussion while two other tracks provide melody and accompaniment full of SID-style arpeggios. A Small Room Reverb on the Master channel gives it that dungeon feel.

The template requires VSTSID which is totally free. Or you can simply replace the instruments with whatever you choose.

Template contents:
- VSTSid with Arpeggiator for Chords acting as tuned percussion
- VSTSid with Compressor for Chords composed of Bass, Chords and Melody
- VSTSid with Compressor for Melody composed of Bass, Chords and Melody and Melodic Part
- VSTSid with Arpeggiator for Bass (with some Melody added near end of composition)
- Small Room Reverb, Compressor and Spectrum Analyzer on Master channel

MuLab project file: Dungeons of Sid.MuProject

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