Magic Maker

"Magic Maker" layers tuned percussive sounds over Wurlitzer arpeggios to create a room full of magic. MuLab's Wurly preset drives the arrangement with soft, high frequency Glockenspiel arpeggios add color to the middle section.

All native MuLab sounds, no external plugins/gear needed.

Template contents:
- Wurly preset with Arpeggiator for Chords
- Glas percussive with Compressor for combined mesh of Melodic Parts and Accompaniment
- Glockenspiel with Arpeggiator and Phaser for mix of high frequency, arpeggio Chords and Melodic Parts
- Glas percussive for Bass
- Large Room Reverb, Compressor and Spectrum Analyzer on Master channel

MuLab project file: Magic Maker.MuProject

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