VCV Modularity

This is what happens when one modular audio app invades another. VCV Rack is the best free, modular music app ever made. MuLab is a commercial strength, modular DAW. "VCV Modularity" is what happened when someone loaded VCV Rack into MuLab.

It's 120bpm of tuned percussion brought to you by the VST version of VCV Rack. MuLab provides the arpeggios and underlying, filtered drums. Audible Instruments Modal Synthesizer brings the sounds in VCV Rack.

Requires the VST version VCVRack:

Template contents:
- MuDrum with TF Lowpass Filter on Drums
- VeeseeVSTRack with Arpeggiator playing Chords
- VeeseeVSTRack with Arpeggiator for Melodic Part
- VeeseeVSTRack with Arpeggiator playing combined Bass and Melody
- Compressor and Spectrum Analyzer on Master channel

MuLab project file: VCV Modularity.MuProject

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