Chill Beats Bumped

"Chill Beats Bumped" is that smooth hip-hop from back in the days. Massive bass thumps over mellow chords driven by lo-fi beats the homies smuggled in from the 90s. 140BPM with beats sequenced for effective 70BPM. Chill.

Only native synths and effects used, no external gear needed.

Template contents:
- Chill Kit (custom MuDrum preset) with Soul Food for slightly overdriven, lo-fi beats on Drums. Plus a sub-track for automation of MultiMode Filter on master channel for smooth, filtered intro and outro.
- Cloudy synth with TF Lowpass Filter playing Chords for that smooth pad sound.
- Bangkiss synth routed through Arpeggiator with WackyFiltered Echo playing arpeggio Chords as accompaniment.
- Heavily tweaked BassDrum synth routed through Step Sequencer playing arpeggio Chords as tuned sub-bass.
- MultiMode Filter, Compressor and Frequency Analyzer on Master channel.

MuLab project file: Chill Beats Bumped.MuProject

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