Kraft Kit

An attempt to mimic some of the defining sounds of the godfathers of electronic music, "Kraft Kit" is a 140BPM Kraftwerk inspired orchestra of computerized synths. No samples used, drums and other instruments are all MuLab synths.

Only native synths and effects used, no external gear needed.

Template contents:
- Kraft Kit (custom MuDrum preset) with Compressor on Drums.
- Bright Strings with Arpeggiator playing Chords.
- Kraft Synth (custom MuSynth preset) with Hipass Filter playing Melodic Part.
- Attack preset routed through Arpeggiator playing Chords as bass.
- Tight Room Reverb, Compressor and Frequency Analyzer on Master channel.

MuLab project file: Kraft Kit.MuProject

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