Lofi Vibes

Chillout with some jazzy vibes. "Lofi Vibes" brings you a jazzy blend of arpeggio vibraphones layered over some deep sub-bass. Heavily filtered acoustic drums set the pace at a smooth 100bpm with a bit reducer adding just the right level of white noise rounding out the lo-fi sound with randomly chopped high hat and snare stabs.

Only native synths and effects used, no external gear needed.

Template contents:
- Modified Rock Kit with Bit Reducer for lo-fi, filtered Drums
- Vibraphone run through an Arpeggiator, Lowpass Filter and Scope-A-Lay echo for a mix of Chords and Melody
- Vibraphone run through another Arpeggiator, then Distroyer and Vintage Echo I for a mix of Chords and Melodic Part
- Bass 305 with Parametric EQ to filter around 80Hz frequency then Lowpass Filter to cut above 86Hz for that low-end Bass
- Compressor and Spectrum Analyzer on Master channel

MuLab project file: Lofi Vibes.MuProject

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