"Redeath" takes the configuration established in "Rebirth" and chucks it in a meat grinder. It's a blistering 180bpm of TB-303s tweaked beyond recognition and overlaying heavily distorted 808 and 909. It's the flip-side of "Rebirth" for that classic hardcore sound.

Only native synths and effects used, no external gear needed.

Template contents:
- A 909 Kit run through Highpass Filter, with a sub-track for automating the filter cutoff, covering the Drums.
- An 808 Kit followed by AMP SIM Metal, also for Drums.
- SEQ Acid 1 with Arpeggiator, AMP SIM 30, Delay and Tight Room Reverb and MultiBand Crunch playing Chords for synth bass. Additional sub-track for automation of F1 Cutoff to control SEQ Acid 1 filter cutoff.
- SEQ Acid 1 with Arpeggiator, Distortion and Sat Repeats playing Chords, also for synth bass.
- Compressor and Spectrum Analyzer on Master channel.

MuLab project file: Redeath.MuProject

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